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WENAMITAA, NMAMIT alumni association is for all alumni of the Institute. The Alumni Association strives to promote an enduring relationship between alumni and their alma mater. It also facilitates and nurtures lasting friendships through annual meetings. It aims at reconnecting Alumni with the alma mater and with each other. It creates opportunities for alumni to visit their alma mater, experience nostalgia, feel at home, network to support each other; observe the changes in the institute and share their progressive ideas towards the growth of the Institution.

The Institution feels pride in alumni achievements and provides them an opportunity to stay connected with the institute.

The Association was established in 1991, though organising Reunions and Meets since 1993, was formally registered in the year 2013 (Registration Number is UDP-S74-2013-14). The association has two chapters. Me-NMAMIT (Middle East Chapter), initiated during 2011 and and Be-NMAMIT (Bangalore Chapter), which was started in the year 2016. The Middle East Chapter is very vibrant in its activities round the year, whereas the Bangalore Chapter in still in its initial stages.

NMAMIT Alumni Association organizes and conducts Alumni Meet every year and Global Meet once in two years. Along with these meets, the Silver reunion (25 years of graduation) is one of the memorable and cherished events for the alumni. So far, five such silver reunions were conducted in the institute (for the batches of 1986-90, 1987-91, 1988-92, 1989-93 and 1990-94). The silver reunion for the batch 1991-95 is planned to be held during July 2020. We have a total of 19,886 alumni (14,731 from UG, 5155 from M.Tech and MCA), who have completed their studies and are spread all over the globe.

Apart from these activities, the association is also sponsoring the silver medals for the second toppers in academics in all the branches of engineering. Project funding for final year students project is one more encouraging activity that is in vogue from the last few years.

A new conference hall has been provided by the Institute for the association. This is located in the third floor of EDC Block (Atal Block). The necessary funding was provided by the association as well as the Institute.

The Institute has been actively involving the alumni in academics (Board of Studies), collecting input and suggestions from them in framing the curriculm, as well as inviting them as judges for various events during the technical and cultural fests.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere”. This quote by Tim McGraw is vey much meaningful in all our lives.

We request you to be connected and remain connected with the Institute. Please provide us with a brief write up about you and your achievements. This helps us to update the alumni database and also there is a sense of fulfilment for the Institute in knowing your achievements. You may send the details to nmamit.alumni@nitte.edu.in and you can register through http://nmamit-alumni.in/login.php.

Once again requesting you all to be connected with your alma mater and strengthen the association.

With warm regards,

Office bearers,WENAMITAA, NMAMIT, Nitte

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